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tips to clear skin

How I keep my skin clear of acne

Growing up, I always felt lucky to be acne free. I never paid attention to my skin nor did I take care of it. It wasn't until I turned 22 did I start dealing with acne that formed on my forehead and hollows of my cheeks. I won't lie, I started to panic. I knew I had to start taking better care of my skin and pay attention to what I have been doing. Today, I have the clear skin that I used to have and couldn't be happier. I thought this would be a helpful post for all girls who have (or had) problem skin. Please note that these tips are what I use to clear my skin and keep it clear to this day.
Drink lots of water.
It is a well known fact that your body is mainly composed of water, so why deprive yourself of it? Everyone should be drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. This does not include soda, coffee, or even juice. There are many benefits of water but in our case, it helps keep your skin looking nice! Not only does it create a layer to slightly fill unwanted wrinkles, but it helps keep skin hydrated by retaining moisture. It also helps by flushing out the bad toxins in your body thus help keeping your skin clear.

Sometimes drinking this amount of water is hard. I honestly only like to drink water but even I found it hard to drink this much! When I first started drinking my daily minimum, I had to keep at least four water bottles (each water bottle is 16-ounces) out in the open so I knew what I needed to drink for the day. Eventually, I was drinking the minimum amount without thinking about it. I started to crave water and now I drink well over the minimum amount.

For someone who is ditching the sugary drinks, this process may be harder. Many people think water is flavorless but you can always add some flavor by adding fruits into plain water. Strawberries and raspberries work great for adding a little extra flavor, not to mention some awesome color. Many people put lemon or lime in their iced waters. I have even seen someone add cucumber, mint, and lime. The possibilities are endless. I recommend having frozen dried berries so that they last longer and you can buy in bulk.
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Avoid certain foods. Especially during a bad breakout.
There are certain foods that actually promote acne! I'm sure many people have those times where they are more prone to breakouts. For me, I am at my worst before and during my period. Knowing what foods to avoid (or at least eat in moderation) will help prevent breakouts from getting out of control. There are two things that cause acne, bacteria and inflammation. Being able to stop at least one will help prevent acne.

Try avoiding sweets high in sugar and high carbohydrates. This will only promote bacteria. When you start eating a lot of sugar, your body will produce insulin to combat it. However, excess insulin promotes bacteria.
Avoiding dairy products and red meats (beef) is also crucial. These both promote inflammation. Remember, without bacteria and inflammation, acne doesn't stand a chance.

Chocolate is the killer as it promotes both bacteria and inflammation. I am someone who doesn't like chocolate, however, when my period is about to start, I'm a chocoholic. I'll be the first to order a double chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream. However, no matter what the urges are, try not to over indulge. Maybe share that cake. It's okay to eat these certain foods in moderation but for the best results, try to avoid them.
Take fish oil.
Fish oil will actually help your skin stay clear. Fish oil promotes anti-inflammation, again reducing the chances of acne.
Give your skin a break.
There are many girls who can't live without their foundation, concealer, or even bronzer. I love my bronzer and blush, however, I knew I had to give it up. Sometimes you just need to let your skin breathe. Makeup can clog pores often making acne worse so going product free can feel great for your skin.

On days you don't have to be anywhere, don't bother putting on makeup. On days you need to wear it, take it off as soon as you get home. Of course, the best option is to just stay makeup free until your skin has cleared up. Most cases after you have remained makeup free, you will need a lot less product to cover problem areas.
credit: Touch of Mink
Keep your skin clean.
Keeping your skin clean will help it clear itself. However, remember not to over clean it causing it to dry out. The best thing to do is find what facial cleanser and moisturizers work for you.

Everyone is different and face washes and moisturizers change from person to person. I recommend staying away from anything with a strong fragrant as it may further irritate your skin. In my experience, it seemed like all facial cleansers have just irritated my skin even more. My skin is very sensitive and dry. I found that using Touch of Mink as a face wash has really helped my face stay clean without drying it out. As for moisturizers, I need to use Eucerin since I have eczema around my eye area. Both work great for dry, sensitive skin.

I would also recommend exfoliating once a week. I just use a warm and wet wash cloth to gently rub around my face. Again, since I have sensitive skin, doing anything other than this only irritates my skin further. This is probably one of the least abrasive things you can do for exfoliation.

Once your skin is nice and clean, you don't want to be touching it. People tend to unconsciously touch their face. Unfortunately, fingertips are often oily and dirty. Doing this, especially when you're touching your acne, can promote breakouts. Try to not do this and be aware of what your hands are doing.

Even if you wash your face every night, there may be nights when you're lazy and either forget, are too tired, or just use makeup removal wipes (I'm guilty of this). It is important to change your pillow cases to help avoid breakouts. You should change your bedding once a week but sometimes we can't always do this. At the very least, have an extra pillow case so you have a fresh place to rest your head.
I plan on posting a few helpful masks within the next few days to accompany this post. Until then, I hope these tips have been helpful. Here's to healthy and happy skin!

Miss Monie

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  1. I appreciate all of your advice for healthy skin but I urge you to make an educated and compassionate choice when it comes to the products you use. Touch of Mink is not just a cute name but contains oil derived from minks after they are slaughtered for fur. Please read the following literature on the cruel practice of mink farming. You have a wonderful opportunity to use your platform to influence the large audience I am sure you will acquire :)


    1. Thank you for your comment and I really appreciate what you have shared :) Please don't take this the wrong way but here's my two cents.

      I knew there's mink oil in their products from the beginning and I'll admit, I was hesitant. It's a shame that animals are still being slaughtered for fur but after a bit of research, I found this directly from their website.

      "Minks are farmed here in the United States just as any other ranched animals: chickens for meat and feathers, geese for down for pillows and blankets, cows for meat and leather products. The mink meat is used for dog and pet food, the fur industry uses the pelts and we buy the fat and oil which would otherwise be destroyed in our landfills."

      Even though it's unfortunate these animals aren't treated correctly, every bit of the animal is used. As it's stated, the fat and oil would be sent to landfills if ToM did not buy the product. I feel like many people out there don't know how to use all the products of an animal and this is just a way to be resourceful instead of letting it go to waste. I also feel that as long as fur, leather, feathers, and meat are in demand, there will be ranched/farmed animals.

      I do try other products for my face but as I have stated, my sensitive skin just can't handle most products. This just brings me back to ToM. Of course, certain products aren't for everyone and I'm sure there are many others who would disagree with the use of ToM, but for now, that's my option. I'm sure within the next few years it will change as science in the make-up and beauty industry evolves.

      Once again, thank you so much for your comment and sharing your thoughts and concerns with me. If you are also interested in skincare, I would love to hear what products you would recommend :)