Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm Simone, 23, and a lover of beauty and fashion.

Ever since I can remember, appearance has been very important to me. This can be from make-up and hair, to which shoes go with what outfit. It was always something that peaked my interests. Even at the age of four, I'd change my outfits at least three times a day. I was always experimenting with style and make-up, searching for what is really "me".

Eager to explore the possibilities, I stumbled upon the YouTube beauty community in 2007. PurseBuzz and MichellePhan were just the first to really introduce me to what YouTube had to offer. Over the years, I was able to learn more and more. With the help of the videos of several different beauty gurus, I found what was "me". It was the videos of the beauty community that inspired me. This inspiration allowed me to incorporate what I have learned into what I'm interested in and who I am today.

Over the last three years, I am constantly sharing my knowledge with others. Recently, I noticed that I'd be asked the same questions repeatedly. I would always tell friends and family "oh I'll make you a video" or "I'll type you up something." Instead, I never followed through completely forgetting my promise to them until someone would ask the same question beginning with "how do you do this..."

This 2013, I want to change. I am no longer going to be making empty promises. I want to follow through with everything I am asked, giving the proper advice and tips. I want to share what I know and what I have learned with others. I want to inspire them as many beauty and fashion gurus have inspired me. I hope everyone is ready because Miss Monie Beauty is now up and running.

Miss Monie

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