Friday, February 1, 2013


Happy February!
First off, I want to apologize for my last few posts. I know they were just photos that came directly from my instagram. However, I have some major news as to why I haven't been posting... JERED AND I ARE GETTING MARRIED!

We have actually been engaged since New Year's Eve but have been keeping it very quiet. Only a select few knew until now. I honestly wasn't comfortable about posting until we set a date and knew how many people we would be inviting. We were even thinking about planning a small wedding within the next few months. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to get married this year. We have decided on an August wedding inviting the whole family. With that being said, I would love to share the wedding planning experience with everyone. I'd like to start with one of my most recent browsing and shopping experiences with my cousin, Cescelli.
So we started the day off looking for ideas for the bridal party jewelry. We figured it'd be nice to look at what trends there are now and figured Charlotte Russe and Forever21 would be a great place to browse. We found a few pieces that would work great with the wedding theme. Even though we weren't planning on purchasing anything just yet, Ces and I bought the bow bracelets. I honestly am not sure if I'll wear it for the wedding but it was just too adorable to pass up.
After looking at jewelry ideas, we wanted to look at flower ideas since I had no idea what flowers I'd like. We figured going to Michael's would be great as we wouldn't be pressured into purchasing anything. Going to Michael's, we were able to see the already made bouquets. I was really surprised with how realistic they looked. I was even debating on if I should just go with these already made bouquets opposed to the more expensive real flowers.
We also looked at the flowers by the steam for more ideas. I figured some of these would be great for centerpieces or to put along the aisles.

I hope to make more posts similar to this as we go further in the process. As I said, we're still in the browsing process but I hope to post actual DIYs in the future.
Miss Monie

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